Secondary Reading Comprehension – Gradual Release

Understanding that students may not have the skills they are "supposed" to have to navigate grade-level text is difficult on both students and teachers. For this reason, I always spent the beginning of the school year teaching my students reading strategies and comprehension skills that we would implement for the rest of the year. Instead … Continue reading Secondary Reading Comprehension – Gradual Release

Interactive, Paperless, Formative Assessments

In a never-ending testing environment, formative assessments can be overwhelming. District-mandated assessments PLUS classroom assessments are a recipe for student shutdowns. But don't fear, try any of these methods to spruce up your classroom formative assessments. Students love the games, and teachers can use the information to drive instruction. Quizlet Live: Quizlet Live randomly places … Continue reading Interactive, Paperless, Formative Assessments

Welcome to The Master Classroom!

Today’s teachers are facing an uphill battle. With students coming in less and less prepared, climbing expectations of teachers have reached, what can feel like, an impossible level. Limited resources and ineffective professional development only further compound teacher frustration, resulting in rapid burn-out and high teacher turnover. As a former 10th grade ELA teacher, I … Continue reading Welcome to The Master Classroom!